At any season you decide to visit us, one thing is certain, you will not get bored not even a moment since you have the opportunity to explore the region of Ampelakia, Tempe and the wider area of southeastern Kissavos or Olympus. From rafting and canoeing in Peneus river to canyoning in Calypso gorge or windsurfing on the coast of Stomio ... the options are plenty:

  • Rafting in the valley of Tempe and the Strait of Peneus river
  • Canyoning: Crossing the largest waterfall in Kissavos (70 meters) in the exceptionally beautiful gorge "Calypso" near the villages Kokkino nero and Karitsa. (A guide is required)
  • Canoe Kayak at Peneus Delta, flowing into the Aegean Sea
  • Journeys by 4x4 cars or off road motorbikes in Kissavos through river crossings and paths on forest roads (the mountain has a very good network of forest roads).