Tempe is a valley in Greece formed between the two mountains of Olympus and Kissavos . The valley has a length of 10 km, while at the narrowest point a gorge was formed with 25 meters width and about 500 meters depth. The flowing river crosses the valley and empties into the Aegean Sea. Tempi are the main passage from Macedonia to Thessaly and thus the area is of great importance since antiquity.

The most famous attraction is the drawbridge of Tempe and the shrine of Agia Paraskevi. From Kissavos side, follow the stairs to walk through the suspension bridge and admire the rushing waters of the river and the green scenery full of centuries old plane trees, acacias, poplars and elms giving shelter to many birds species.

A few meters away you can take the tourist boat which runs regularly an almost 5km route (lasting about half an hour) across the floating side of Peneus and guides you to the rich flora and fauna of the wetland in the delta, surrounded by plane trees that give shelter to many birds species as Grey Ardeas, herons, flamingos and cormorants.

Under the suspension bridge various traders sell folk art objects, furs, jewels and food. Of course you can also choose the café at the opposite riverbank witch serves refreshments.

In the riverbank at Kissavos side you can also visit «Dafne source» . In this region dominated god Apollo, god of music, light and beauty. He was believed to build the first sanctuary in ancient Greece, in α place called Barlaam. Apollo fell in love with Daphne, daughter of Peneus, from whom the river was named after.

On the highway, at the Daphne's spring roadsign, there is a parking lot and stairs from where you can walk down to the river. Since 1990, the spring of Daphne supplies water to the two neighboring villages Omolio and Stomio.