• Music Summer School with seminars and concerts with traditional and classical ensembles.
  • Theatrical, musical performances and traditional events take place every year during the summer at the seaside of Kissavos.
  • Do not miss the annual festival at the chapel of Prophet Elias on July 20th.

Cultural events in the region

  • Chestnut Festival : At the picturesque Karitsa, located at an altitude of 250 meters and hidden on the green slopes of Kissavos, the third week of October takes place the Chestnut Festival .
  • Corn Festival : In the neighboring Omolio, in the third weekend of August locals celebrate the harvest of corn and kiwis as a sign of farmers and residents' thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest .
  • Festival of the Sea : Each year from 23 to 25 July at Stomio, in a landscape between mountain Kissavos and the wonderful sandy beach and the clean sea, a three days festival takes place including athletic and cultural activities, folk dancing shows and outdoor barbecue offering fresh sardines by members of the Cultural Association.
  • Paschalogiorta (Easter fiesta) : On the second day of Easter, in the old village of Megalovryso (Koukourava), the inhabitants gather in the central square, they form a large circle and dance traditional rhythms by singing old local songs.
  • Apple Festival: In Agia, in early September is organized a seven-day fair, religious ceremonies, music concerts and lectures concerning their well known product : apple.
  • Cherry Festival : At the municipal district of Metaksohori the Cherry Festival is held in cooperation with many cultural and agricultural clubs, dedicated to the main agricultural product of the village. All events last one weekend in mid-June.
  • Storytelling fairytale Festival: In the heart of the forest of Kallipefki every June locals organize the storytelling and fairytale festival in association with the Laboratory for Speech and Culture from University of Thessaly and with the National Club of Storytelling Friends.