Hotel "Kouria" is in a supervisory position at the foot of mountain Kissavos (also known as Ossa) right in front of the historic community of Ampelakia. At the 383rdkm of the highway from Athens to Thessaloniki and just before the entrance to Tempe, you will see the roadsign to Ampelakia. Proceed uphill 5 km and at the end of the route you will discover the proud mansions of the settlement between old plane trees, chestnut trees and cobblestones. Mansion's individual architecture –amalgam of local features combined with internal and external color decoration from European barok- testify the previous peak and unique local history. A walk through the village will take you in a mood of a bygone era.

Visit the museums and libraries of the Ampelakia (for more information, see the Culture contents) and tour around the place where once people lived and created their culture and vision based on a common purpose. Become travelers in time when people were building their livelihoods with toil and care while enjoying the benefits of their cultural prosperity.